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Hose Reels

Have you been looking for a Hose Reel which cannot only do the job of watering your garden but also can be reeled up and put away easily? Hose Reels Australia, has everything you need to know about hose Reels and other gardening products. Browse our listings to find gardening businesses in your area.

Imagine life without water. There will be no houses with manicured lawns, no gardens of sweet-smelling flowers, no labyrinths of green shrubs. Cleaning anything will also be virtually impossible. But apart from serving an aesthetic purpose, water also saves lives as in the case of fire outbreaks. However, water cannot serve its purpose if it cannot be transported from one point to another. You may use the traditional bucket but using such is tiring, not to mention impractical as there is the possibility of spilling precious water all over. Your best bet in bringing water from point A to B? Hose reels.

Hose reels are often characterized by lengthy hollow plastic tubing that serve as their bodies and rubber or metal nozzles at both ends that serve as their heads. A typical garden hose reel is connected to a water supply (usually a faucet) and enables the water to travel inside its hollow plastic body. Now, what's so hot about these garden hose reels you say? The answer is quite simple: convenience. You don't want to drag buckets of water just to water all your garden plants right? Because first, it's just plain tiring, and second, it leaves a very horrid mess on your garden. Now when you're using a garden hose reel, you get to tend to all of your precious garden plants without the burden of lugging an old creaky steel bucket with you. What's better with a garden hose reel is that it is retractable, so you won't have to worry about carefully putting it away after you're done using it. You don't also have to worry about those hard-to-reach areas, for they can now be easily reached by any compact garden hose reel.

An advanced type of hose reel, fire hose reels is commonly used by fire fighters to control and kill fire. These are more reinforced as they are made of layers of canvas materials aimed to allow rapid water dispersal while withstanding extreme and harsh heat – a far cry from the hollow plastic tubes that make up garden hose reels. These fire hose reels are also significantly lighter, approximately 50% lighter, compared to typical garden hose reels. What makes both garden hose reels and fire hose reels so ridiculously convenient is the reeling system that both employ. Although there are hose reels that are manually cranked, there are the automatic types which make the job of keeping the hoses a hundred times easier. That’s pulling down the reeling lever, and the hose automatically retracts on its own.

Meanwhile, the demands of modern inventions have necessitated the existence of a hose that transports air. Because of this, the air hose reel was created. This type is made of a slightly thinner, hollow plastic body which permits pressurized air to pass through. Commonly used to pump air on common vehicular tires, air hose reels can be found in any car shop.

Indeed, hose reels are indispensable tools that make any task involving water or pressurized air a breeze to accomplish.